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Visionary and Customary Happiness

The cold slosh of water in my hands as I held the delicate porcelain plate held to wash the chaffs off of it, just like my cluttered mind slowly coming clean and sorting while I listen to the melodious song playing in my mind and also from the radio, when was the last time I had this kind of morning? Music playing, everything’s singing or maybe not, but playing with every rhythm it makes. I wonder how many mornings of this sort have I missed because I spend to much time in bed, dreaming of endless visionary scenes that are unlikely to happen. Isn’t that rueful? Showing you great things that are impossible to have, and only gives you customary happiness for hours, but the time you wake up all what you’re going to have are just the memories and sometimes nothing, or worst the the memory from a nightmare.

But today everything seems to be so good, and that all I want is to freeze the time, impede it to passing, if only I could do that, I wouldn’t miss a chance, and if I did, then I won’t have to hanker for everything I want to happen.

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