25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Blog Challenge; Your Dream Job (Day 16)

UntitledWhat is your dream job?

Dream job? does it mean that I want it but way too impossible to achieve it? Just a DREAM job? Well, I want to be a Fashion Model, a fashion designer, an architect, an interior designer, an editor-in-chief, and an author πŸ™‚ You see, my dear readera, I am a humongous dreamer πŸ˜€

I am a fashion enthusiast but not that much, also interior designs, I fancy them so much, I like to see people wearing stylish clothes, trendy, sophisticated, eye-catching and stunning dress, that will surely make your date mesmerize you more. I love clothes, bags, and shoes. This may sound crazy but it’s all true, I don’t know how to draw, but I want to be a fashion designer, an architect and an interior designer, so how will I do that? I don’t know. I want to be an architect but I hate math, and we all know, studying architecture involves a lot of math, numbers, formulas, and equations, and I hate it. When I saw numbers my mind go crazy, and I go mad.

Being an editor-in-chief means you have to be good in writing, you have to be articulate, fluent and many more, I can write, and I can be good, when I practice more, sure I will be good. Β But that means I still need a lot of time and a lot of practice. I need to refine everything, my writing, use of words, vocabulary, and more. Everything is not easy, you need to be persevere, and patient as well. Dreaming is easy, but putting them in reality and making them possible is hard, it’s not like a wand that you could just wave, say the spell and booom! There you have it, the dream of yours, is yours πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

My heart really belongs in pen and paper, in words, and in books. That’s where I am and that’s what I should improve, and I am eager. Someday I want to see myself, sitting inside an office, painted with white, with books and magazines, with a vase of tulips, or lavenders, or black roses even on my table, then framed artworks on the wall, my computer, and my chair, I want to have huge window at the back of my desk, to see what’s outside, an inspiration, sun, and the light πŸ™‚ I want to see myself inside that office, I want to be a good boss, and I know I will be. And then my name will appear on a magazine, or on a book even. People will know me and my works, people will see who I am. People will know about the dream I dreamed and then I have it.

xxxx, Ann

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