Haunted Memories

One day Bryan met a girl, Jane is her name, she’s lovely, vibrant, they ,met at the park, the place where Jane loves to perch.  Jane was wearing a pink sundress and a cream hat, while Bryan wore a navy blue cashmere, that looks fantastic in him, and that has coincidentally matched the day.

Both their eyes met, speaking the same language, and showing the same spark. Bryan, stood up from where he’s sitting and walked on Jane’s direction, to where Jane was sitting, and she looked up to Bryan, for a few seconds, Bryan just stood there in front of her and let his thoughts sort out, Jane looked up at him and smiled, as if she had known Bryan forever, Bryan took the chance of Jane being comfortable so he took the vacated seat beside Jane, “Hi, I’m Bryan” He said, extending his hand to her, Jane looked at his hand then to his face studying it with admiration, and then she took his hand, his soft, warm hand that she have thought for so long. She held it and pressed it gently, as if she doesn’t want to let go of it, “I know, and I’m Jane.” She said letting go of his hand, and Bryan looked at his hand a bit curious and his brows furrowed, “Do I know you Jane, I mean have we met before, you really seem so familiar.” Bryan felt a familiar feeling when Jane touched her, he thought that it happened before and he just don’t know when. “Don’t confuse yourself Bryan.” Jane said smiling at him “I’m always here, this place is so dear to me, it’s so beautiful, peaceful, and vibrant, it’s like that it’s refuge for someone like me, someone who is seeking for something, or waiting.” Jane said, and opened her eyes to turn to Bryan, “Waiting? so you’re waiting for someone? Who? I hope he doesn’t get mad when he see me talking to you.” Bryan said in dismay, he admires Jane that moment, and he actually wants to know more of her, “Oh no, don’t fret about it, he won’t get mad or anything, actually he has arrived.” She said to him, and Bryan furrowed his brows looking skeptical, “Me? You’re waiting for me?” He said back to her, “Bryan, where have you been? You’ve been making me wait for forever, we should have seen every beauty, feel it in our skin, and spend the rest of our lives together, we should have.” She said ruefully, Bryan was taken aback with what Jane said to her “How can you say such things? We just met today and then you’re saying that? I am not the Bryan you’re waiting for.” He said and scooted from his seat as if ready to leave, but he waited for what is Jane’s going to say to him.

“Oh Bryan, you are my dream, we are a dream, and I saw these things happened for how many times but you refused to see and let your own skin feel how beautiful everything are, how beautiful we are together. Yes, you are not that Bryan, because you left, and I don’t know where you’ve gone, but I know, I can feel it, it’s still you, maybe you can’t remember, it’s like the Bryan inside you was taken away from that body. You always leave me.” She said, and then stood to walk away from Bryan, rueful. Bryan was left speechless, still containing and trying to take in everything Jane said to him, he stare at his foot and the ground, and suddenly everything’s gone. . . . .

Bryan woke up, dazed and confused. He couldn’t dream of Jane, his ex-girlfriend, someone who’s long dead, years ago, he wanted to forget about her, but Jane doesn’t want to be forgotten. Bryan dreamed of her again, in the same park where they met and always go to when she was alive and when they’re still together. After a month, Bryan left, but Jane didn’t.

Jane must have never forgotten what Bryan did to him, and what were those? They’re all still clandestine, and buried. Forever.

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