Home Keys Suck

Home keys suck! What I’m trying to do here now is, to type. Just type, whatever this may lead and to whatever I would write on this blank word pad, well not anymore, because I started filling it now. I have an updated laptop, everything is in new version, my Microsoft office, my laptop’s window, or operating system whatever you may call it, everything is in new version, good new versions. My life is in new version to, but it’s not good. I wish I have my life reprogrammed or whatever, my life’s a big glitch, it’s unprotected from the malwares, and hey my anti-virus is not updated so there goes the malware destroying my system, my life.

Anyway, I don’t want to heave my cluttered life here in this pad, I shouldn’t be using this space for ranting and my ramblings. I can already feel it right, because if not I wouldn’t be saying these things right? And I shouldn’t be saying it over and over again, feeling it even more, rubbing more salt in injury. I hope I got it right.

Select your thoughts, Richard said to Liz, did I told you that I’m watching eat, pray, love, I love watching Julia, and right now we are connected, I feel inspired, her life is in ruins same as mine, her life is crumbling and so do I, and she traveled to find herself, look for a new muse, inspiration, and new way to start her life again, to start over. I’ve been doing the same way for a long time, looking for something, something different from what I have right now, but how am I going to see those things when I don’t go out? Right? Just like what Julia did, she went out of her box, explored, tried new things, learned new things, she changed a bit for herself.

I wish I could do the same thing. I hope it’ll be easy.

Change is a very threatening, scary, huge word, I’m afraid of changes, it can either be ruin, or a transformation, positive-negative, and things always work that way, always opposing. Mine is, obviously, you can tell it.

So go with the flow baby, be prepared in the wave of changes, and pray that it won’t barge you so hard. And never lose yourself. The most important thing, but me I lost myself a long time ago, and I haven’t find myself again, not yet, but someday soon, I know I will.

The movie’s over, and it’s so great, I guess I should probably sleep, dream, rest everything and prepare for what might happen tomorrow. But one thing more I’d like to say, I came into conclusion that the reason my life is unhealthy, is because I am unhealthy too, and why is my life is not lovely, because I don’t look in the positive side of life, my anticipation in my everyday life is not beautiful. I have the negative vibes rooted deep within me, so the outcome is the same as what I planted in life, negative. I am happy I knew these things, because it wouldn’t be hard for me to sort things out, to start over again, because it’s all in me.

So guys, I hope you’re guessing what I’m trying to say here . . . . . Don’t be like me, don’t end up like me.

Good night!

xxxx, Ann




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