Something new

I feel my body clock changed.

I get myself to waking up early, this morning I woke up 7 am and the past few days I woke up at 5 am in the morn or earlier. It’s so amazing, because I usually wake up late, and this change is better. However, I loss my appetite, I haven’t eat properly since yesterday, I don’t know why, I’m not like this and I am not supposed to be like this because I am sick, I shouldn’t skip my meal, ’cause I have ulcer and acute gastritis, I was diagnosed with these when I was in second year high school and until now I know I still have them.

So this morning, I only had myself a cup of coffee, eggs, and chocolate.

I am again enthused with the game Sims 3, and that’s because I really got nothing else to do, except cook, read books, and this, blog. I’m not even composed to write, I have ideas, but they easily slip away, not even giving me a chance to write them down.

I started reading yesterday another Danielle Steel book which is Matters of the Heart, but before that I finished another book of her which is titled Going Home, and until now I’m still sad about it, the ending is so sentimental and the plot too, I was crying while reading it, specifically chapter thirty-seven, it’s my favorite chapter, an excellent book it is.

So now, for the meantime I’ll be looking for a new house for my Sims 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy your day! and later I hope I’ll be able to take a jog.


xxxxx, Ann

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