5 Lessons From Someone With Depression On How To Stop Being Depressed

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Thought Catalog

Depression has been a pretty major aspect of my young adult life. If I am depressed, it sucks, and if I am not depressed I am anxious about becoming depressed again. Recently, as a ploy to trick my own brain and keep my depression in “remission,” I have taken to several rules to live by. Whether you have depression, or you have just been in a funk lately, check out the lessons I have learned on how to not be a miserable human being. Oh… and 50mg of Zoloft a day helps as well, personally.

1. Take pictures

Whether it is on your iPhone or a Hasselblad, take pictures as much a possible. Once you train yourself to be looking for beautiful things to photograph, you will start to notice the beauty around you more and more. The pictures don’t have to be good, but if they are, hey congrats!…

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