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Cheat Day!

I could say that I had a lot of fun last night, and it’s really great! I almost forgot how good it is to go out sometimes. When I was a kid, my mom veto us from going out, very protective of us, well she has a point and I could understand that, when we were kids, my sister and I, always get hurt because of our cousins, they always hurt us, in so many ways, but I won’t elaborate those things further, but that’s the reason why my mom never wants us to go out, especially when she’s not with us.

So until now, I grew up I am used to not going out, I can stand spending the whole day for how many months indoors, except for Sundays, because I go to church in Sundays.

Last night, we went to attend the mass, and I quite didn’t like it, because the priest was droning, he got a lot of hang time. And after the tedious mass, we went to the mall, even though it’s raining, and I hate going out and going to places when it’s raining, but today. So, we arrived at the mall, there were a lot of people, I went to the booksale and bought memo pad, I really love memo pads and sticky notes, and all in pastel colors. And then while we’re on the escalator going up I saw a sign board from Old Spaghetti House, saying Unlimited Pizza and Pasta and you’ll get to choose your preferred sauce, so we came to the restaurant and checked their promo, but to our dismay, the promo’s only available every Monday to Friday, from 5pm to 8pm, just our luck. So we decided to go to another restaurant inside the mall, Sbarro. That’s where we always eat, since our first month together, it became our favorite resto, the food is amazing, and sold at fair price, I have nothing more to say, they’re all certainly amazing!

So we talked over our dinner, enjoyed the food we’re having, usually it’s my boyfriend who finish my food, because he doesn’t like leftovers and I, since I can’t finish a humongous and stupendous meal, sometimes I’m not able to finish what I eat, so there’s my knight in shining armor finishing them for me.

After our great dinner, we went straight home, for I got tired from walking and everything.

It’s really a simple but great night we had last night. 🙂

xxxx, Ann

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