Morning Cognition

It’s already five in the morning.

Five-o-fifteen. I’m on my second cup of coffee.

I remember when I was in High School, at this time of the day I am still with my friends, telling stories, about whatever, and everything, drunk but not wasted and neither stoned, never tried it, never tried smoking, and never tried smoking pot. I just drink, I never pass out, and I never puke that hard. I guessed that I’m still lucky, I mean my parents are still lucky that their daughter, someone who’s too young to be exposed in part of the real world, is not fond of promiscuous things, and won’t see someone lying on the bathroom floor, giving them a cue to send their daughter in the rehabilitation or wherever that could save their sweet baby. But no, none of that would happen to them. I am a good girl, I believe I am, and always am. I don’t know to them, and I don’t care.

So why am I out at that time of the morning when I was in sophomore year? Well, I don’t like to stay at our house, I don’t want to see some other woman stepping on my mom’s shoes, I don’t want to hear, smell, or even see her shadows lurking in the walls (Too dramatic? I guess so) but that’s the truth, and I can tell that even my father got fed up with her too that’s why she just left, and I don’t know what happened to them next after three years? Or two maybe. That’s it, I just don’t want to be with the (what should I call her?) I don’t want to name name.

So those days were over, and I don’t live there anymore, but for some reason, I feel like half of my body is still buried in that house we used to live, and left, me, still left behind, and no one came to back for me and help me move ahead and catch up. But no worries now, I can live with it, I have lived with it and still living with it (Nope, no resentment here) I’m all good, and I know some day I would totally get over with all those things.

You know it’s a good thing that I get to write again, even if this will sound a bit of a bore and you would yawn until you finish this, or worse, don’t finish reading this, but I’m still thankful, that you started reading  🙂 and I appreciate it.

Okay, what else should I tell? Well I am on a movie right now, I’m watching Almost Famous, a fifteen-year old boy was given a chance to cover a band and write in a magazine, and that is so fortunate of him. He’s so lucky to be given a chance like that, and now I am getting dreamy that I would be given an opportunity as that. Someday, yes, someday 🙂

Okay, so that’s all for now, because I got a movie to finish 🙂


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