Movies for breakfast

Okay, as usual, I’m still up until now (it’s already 4:45 in the morning) I’m watching Stuck in love starring Lily Collins, and Kristen Bell. I watched three episodes of Glee before this movie I’m watching right now, and it saddened me, seeing Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) still alive, singing in the previous seasons, and now he’s gone, no more Finn Hudson, it’s really sad, especially that I fell in love with him, with his character in Glee, and when I knew that he died, I just can’t believe myself, well, it’s funny because, my sister was the first one to know what happened to me, and then she sent me a message and said that Cory died, and I didn’t believed it, I thought that it’s just one of the internet hoax, just like what they did with Jackie Chan, news said that he died during his shoot in his movie, but it’s just a hoax (It’s so sad that they’re killing people with their hoax, it’s not good) and so I got really bothered with what my sister told me, I’m a great fan of Glee and I just can’t believe that easily with such news like that, so I checked, searched the internet if it’s true, and I can’t believe what I’ve read, it’s all over the news that he is really dead, in that moment, I was so speechless, flabbergasted, and nothing could explain my rue.

My boyfriend mocks me whenever I say “Oh Cory, why so soon?” matched with my sad expression while watching him sing We’ve got tonight with Rachel (Lea Michele), My boyfriend would say, “Were you the one who lost a relative?” something like that, and yes, I feel like it. He’s so dear to me even if I haven’t seen him or touch him, and that’s really unfortunate of me, not being able to see someone I adore, but I could still see  Rachel, who is someone I adore too, or even Santana (Naya Rivera) maybe, someday, who knows right? Maybe I could see them in person when I turn thirty or something 🙂

But before that, I’m gonna finish this movie first, and at the same time make breakfast, drain the cup of coffee I have in my hand,  and see if this would give me sweet dreams when I go to sleep later 🙂 sweet dreams snoring, and snuggled people 🙂


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