Little Miss Sunshine

It’s not new in me being up so early in the morning, it’s already five-thirty in the morning and people are starting to wake up. The street is a bit busy now, elder women sweeping outside their gates, men walking, cars passing, probably going to work or taking their kids to school, children walking with their huge, sagging bags in their backs, going to school. I suddenly remember when I was a kid, I used to bring big bags too with all the workbooks, textbooks, notebooks, pencil case, and many more, I used to bring two bags, a backpack and a hand-carry bag to put my books in it.

It’s cold, I can feel it brushing my skin, giving a tingling feeling in my body, the air is still but cold, I can feel it in my hands, trying to fight the warmth of the cup from the milk, before stepping out on the balcony, it’s relaxing, misty ambiance, cool air, and the darkness fighting whether to hide or stay because light is starting to peek.

The sun is rising, and the smell of the morning air is making a memory in me, I suddenly wonder, after ten years from now, or what about fifteen? Where would I be? Standing, like this, enthusing the good morning, I barely feel every day, what would I be doing? Am I going to be busy? Making breakfast for my kids and husband, for myself? Getting ready for work?

I never ran out of questions. I never ran out of anticipations.

Forget about the fuss and circumstances, every mornings deserve an admiration, and appreciation, it’s the start of the day, appreciate the beauty that is starting your day, inhale and devour the morning, and enjoy the rest of your day ahead 🙂

Just like what I’m doing 🙂

What’s for breakfast anyway? I got the yummiest, fluffiest scrambled eggs on my plate right now, and swear you wouldn’t miss it for the world. Good morning everyone! Start your day a smile 🙂

xxxx, Ann



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