Because I had a bad day . . .

The moment I got that message, I felt no other emotions but happiness.

I got a message from the company I sent my curriculum vitae with (I’m still looking for a job) last two days, and I got a message from them the day after I sent it. They invited me for an interview, and it made me utterly ecstatic, thrilled, and that I didn’t sleep well, because I was so excited.

The next morning. . . . Interview day! And I thought it would be a Yayyyy! But it’s a Nayyy! Instead. I arrived at the office five minutes earlier. I’m well-dressed appropriately, and I am in the really good mood. I registered my name on the log book, and handed my CV to the front desk, and sat, I felt uncomfortable because the lounge was small, and the ambiance was not pleasing, but I didn’t mind it, my name was called for the initial interview. Three of us were called and summoned to go to the small office to be interviewed and to assess our communication skill (a warm up). We were asked questions, easy questions, like how are you going to handle pressure, stress, and blah to the blah, she asked, I think, five questions and that was it, she asked the two guys to get out of the room for a while, for I’m the first one to hear her opinions about my communication skills and here are her verdicts:

1. My communication skill is good.

2. The nice thing about me is, even if I’m so nervous, I still managed to answer the questions with my best.

3. However, what I lack is the liveliness in my tone when I speak, and I speak less

4. I answer question straight to the point, and I didn’t elaborate my answers that further.

Those are what she told me, I like what she said, they were helpful, but what I didn’t like is this:

“Sorry Ann, but there’s no account that will fit, however, we’re going to hold your CV for the meantime, and we’ll call you if there’s a new account opened, that will suit you.”

I hope she didn’t see how my jaw dropped the moment she said that to me, I’m aghast. They invited me for an interview and said that I am qualified, and yet they’re holding my CV because there’s no account for me? I don’t get it. I don’t get it, but when I told my boyfriend what happened, he just simply told me, that they’re declining me, that they just made an excuse, just like what had happen to him, they said that they’ll be calling me if there’s an opening account that will be amenable for part-timers, but until now they’re still not calling. It all makes sense to me, and I don’t assume that much now, for me not to disappoint myself that much.

I think HR shouldn’t invite an applicant for an interview if there’ll be no place for him, just like what happened to me, or if the applicant is not applicable, they shouldn’t have invite him, right?

Yes, I am disappointed and frustrated, but I don’t call it ‘a waste of time’ it’s an experience, and I learned what I lack, and it’s helpful. I know what I’m going to do next time if I’m called for an interview. I know now what I should improve. And, still, I thank God for giving me an opportunity.

Since I got a bad day, I had this song for myself. And also I got two new books, and somehow, my frustration is all whipped out.

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