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She is Maximilliane

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters that Haunt you

I really like her name, Max, short for Maximilliane, a quiet, elusive, and reserved lovely lady, she’s got a body that is not to skinny and not to fat, no ‘muffin tops’ and no sagging fat that could make a flapping sound, when she tries to put her arms up. She’s got a hair with a beautiful mixture of Chocolate & hazelnut brown, it’s shiny and smooth. People like to see it in its wavy, after-bun look, the messy look makes her even more beautiful, and her hair emphasizes more of her eyes which are a deep blue, she wishes her eyes are more of an aquamarine, but honestly her eyes, are just so beautiful. She got a small mole just right above of her pale-pinkish lips, her cheeks are naturally flushed pink, and a dimple shows in her right cheek when she smiles, or talking. She got a butterfly tattoo at the back of her neck, she got it for her eighteenth birthday, another cross tattoo on her left wrist, which she got six months after she got the first one.

She spends most of her time writing and taking photos, capturing moments that she always keep and hangs them in her all-white painted flat in Stratford in London, she loves to look at them, relive every moment, and become nostalgic while she write, she gets a lot of inspiration when she looks at the snapshots, the scenery from her travels, and the moments she captured towards forever. She writes fiction novels, poems, and stories from her past. She got her three novels published, but her father despises the idea, her father wanted her to be an architect but it doesn’t please her, her mother died in a car accident when she was seven, and ever since her mother died, her father neglected her, disapproves in everything that she wants, until she went to college, when she got all the freedom she ever yearned for, got her first tattoo, write, and need not to attend a six-hour Spanish calls, which her father likes, and compelled her to do, when she likes French instead.

Max likes to put flowers in her flat,  she likes to combine lavender and chamomile, and put them in a vase, it pleases her very much, Everyday, she always go out with her Camera, take pictures, drink coffee, and go home feeling fulfilled with what she had just captured, and then she will write as long as she wants to. This girl who looks vulnerable never feared on anything, she likes to try everything, very adventurous, and spontaneous.

She’s never ambitious though, all she wanted, is to get her creations published, and be seen all over the world, get her shots be hung on the walls in an art gallery, and make other people inspired just like what the shots always do to her, but what she wanted the most is to live in Paris when she turns thirty-five, and write, and write more.

She considers her life now as a renew life, after being heart-broken twice, her boyfriend cheated on her as well the guy who came next, whom she thought is her savior from being crestfallen, but she was wrong. He let her fall again on the same ground. But Max has a good heart, she believes that one day, one man one in her books would come alive and save her heart. Forever.

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