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I really need to do this, and this will just be fast, before I go to sleep, I want to make this, I want everyone to know what I’m thinking about right now, and what I have filled in this document. It was something what I watched left me, something like this. . . .

Cheating. What does this mean?

There are different ways that you may call cheating, different situations, but the same meaning, deceit, fraud, dishonesty.

There are people who cheats in examinations, there are cheats in politics, games, in diet, that’s why there’s a so called cheat day, wherein you’re going to violate your diet for a day and you’ll be able to eat whatever you want, and then there’s cheating, in relationships, the most hurtful type of cheating.

Some says that in a relationship, you can’t call someone cheating when there’s no contact, like he hasn’t touched her yet, kiss her, make out with her, or worse have sex with her, No. Cheating is a form of dishonesty, whether he has or hasn’t touched her, as long as there’s a form of dishonesty it is labeled as cheating.

Some people would be like “Hey! We haven’t kissed or had sex, so I ain’t cheating.” But you’re seeing someone else behind your partner’s back, that is still cheating, big or small, lies are lies, no exceptions.

Lying is cheating. You called in fake sick, you’re lying for your pleasure and comfort, that’s cheating. You’re dishonest, not unless you called in fake sick because you have to go to your aunt’s birthday for the day, and your boss is not considering that kind of situation, then that’s called white lie. Lying for the sake of good terms.

I don’t tell this things because I wanted to be informative, to tell that “Hey! I know what the different types of cheating are, and what cheating means.” I’m here because, I feel sympathetic to those who got cheat on. I just finished watching Glee season 5, I watched the fifth episode, where Marley knew what’s going on between Bree and Jake, her boyfriend. Then I suddenly became nostalgic, I have been in Marley’s shoes, and it feels terrible. When I was on that situation, I felt helpless, and that all I wanted to do is cut my chest and pull my heart out, so I won’t have to feel anything, but that was stupid, I realized that heart has nothing to do with our senses, it’s our mind.

So, I pulled myself together, and healed myself little by little, and then it happened again.

Okay, Ann so what? So what if you got cheated on before? Does that even have to matter?

For me it doesn’t matter, anymore, we all have our pasts, and what we got to do with them is to leave them all behind, and never turn back, live what you have right now, you don’t live in your past anymore, and those are like footprints, marks that you have left behind as you go along. But wait, not so fast, yes, you have to leave everything bad behind you, but remember, once the person got hurt, that person won’t be the same person you knew before. That person will be different after the pain left a scar.

So before you do something stupid, always put yourself first to someone’s shoes. And ask yourself, what would you feel if you’re the one who got cheated on?

If you will ask me how do I feel right now, after all those things that happened to me? I would say that I am okay, never better 🙂 I’m not resentful about those, but thankful, because if those things didn’t happen, I guess I wouldn’t be saying this to you, I wouldn’t learn something, and I wouldn’t be person I am right now.



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