Daily Prompt · Writing

A Good listener is named ‘Paper’

Calibri what? I never tried writing before, I don’t even keep diaries, for me writing is a bore and I don’t tend to try, but now. So I’m trying to choose a font, I tried courier new, times new roman, Vivaldi, but I settled in with Calibri (light) I don’t why there’s another one Calibri, does it make any difference? I mean they just look the same, but that’s not the point here, the point is I’m trying to write for the first time and rant about how it sucks. Just kidding.

I’m writing because it is more patient, just like what I remember Anne Frank said, and it is, because right now, no one is complaining about what I’m telling, how I write, and what I’m telling right now, and this is the only option I got, so strike while the iron’s hot.

Sophia is my best friend since kindergarten, our moms are best friends, and isn’t that funny, when mothers could pass on their camaraderie skills to their offspring and have them become best friends too? Our moms sure does passed it on us, but I don’t think her mom taught her how to be a trustworthy one, I hate to say it, but it’s real, I abhor to say stuffs about her, but I need to say it, and there’s no one to judge, and slap me for this. So last Tuesday, when I got to school, I was already late for Spanish class so I didn’t mind to hasten, which is kind of a good idea, because I wouldn’t see what I have to see, I passed the gent’s locker room, all students are in their classes so there’s no way people could see what I just saw, I went inside the our locker room to change into my uniform (I play soccer in our school) I put on my sneakers and locked the locker again, then went out. Before I passed the gent’s locker room again and before I got out in the hall, I heard a loud long moan coming from the locker room, I stopped and went back to peak and see what’s happening, well with that moan, I know exactly what’s happening, but I wanted to take a glance, so I went to the door and to my surprise, I saw a blonde girl, which happened to be Sophia, my best friend, first, I can’t see who’s on top of her, so I walked a bit out of the door, but then it struck me, I know that hair, I know that perfectly tanned skin, I know that guy, he’s mine, my boyfriend.

I didn’t confront her immediately, it’s too painful to speak, I haven’t composed myself until now, I don’t know how to start, and what to tell her, I guess I should’ve slapped her that moment, but I can’t. I moved away, I ran to my car and head home.

I didn’t go to school since that day and the two unfaithful people I’ve ever met are texting me, acting innocent, or whatever, both of them are sickening.

I wish I could just disappear.

After supper this evening, I tried to scan the bookshelf and saw the storybooks which belonged to me and now belongs to my sister. It suddenly occurred to me, these princesses coped up with their villains, because it’s their villains who are treacherous, and not their friends.

So it just turns out that I have the worst villain of all. Now, thanks for listening you filled document who used to be blank every time I use my laptop, now I got you filled, seems like Anne Frank’s right, hope she could be my new best friend.

Blast From the Past: Weekly Writing Challenge

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