The day is near

There was a girl who was born on the cold month of December, with a hair that is black as ebony, skin that is not as white as snow, and lips that is not red but pink because she is not snow white (Except if she wears her blood-red lipstick)  😀 Okay enough I’m so bad at this haha!

I knew a girl who wished to be in London, in Paris, and everywhere in EUROPE!!!! But of course that won’t happen soon 😦 and it’s so sad. However, I got my hopes up and I know that it will happen, but for now, I need a job, make money and save. But right now the girl who wishes for this things is having her birthday on December 12 and hopes that on her birthday a Santa would grant her this wish (Oh my! my ears are flapping from excitement) naaaah! Just kidding! back to reality, of course that won’t happened 🙂 and that’s okay, because I only wish for my birthday are for my loved ones to be healthy, happy, and safe always. Also I wish to have an EOS Lip balm 😀 ahaha! I really like that but you could seldom see something like that here in our country. I’ve been searching in the internet where I could buy that here in the Philippines but I’m afraid that I might get a fake one.

But anyway, I still got plenty of time for that, but on my coming birthday I wish I could have job, for I’m invited for an interview. Hope it’ll be mine, and that would be the best birthday gift, and of course that trip to Europe and mostly if someone special to me would give me something, everything is special! And I wholeheartedly appreciates everything, big or small whatever it is, it’s special to me and I’ll be eternally grateful! 🙂

So, three days to go and I’ll be twenty! Oh it makes me sad that I’m getting older. But happy too because good things awaits for me in the future and more experiences. Wish me luck guys! 🙂

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