Wherever this may lead

I stare at my unmade bed, the edge is still cluttered with books, papers, and notebooks that I always place beside me when I’m in bed. I only want them beside me even if I don’t plan to read or write, I just want them all perched near me, is that normal?

I wonder how long I’m going to live with this kind of lifestyle. That’s one question I always ask everyday. I wake up each morning feeling incomplete, I need to do something.

Something new.

Well, I tried to do something new and it didn’t last, I guess that ‘s the problem. Mostly. Some people try to do something new but it doesn’t lasts, and then they’re back again with their old routines. Just like me, except with my morning routine that I started to several weeks ago, and I’m glad that I’m still doing it right now, and I hope that I won’t held up on doing these things. I plead myself to make this one to last at least for a year.

I’m listening to Amy Grant for the first time, I think? I’ve been reading her book for a few days now which I am still unfinished because there’s a lot of things that’s going on in my mind and I can’t concentrate. But right now, I’m searching her songs in YouTube that I saw in the book, I read the lyric and they’re very good so I wondered how is it when I hear it? I saw her song titled “That’s what love is for”  hearing the tune make me nostalgic, I think I know it, I guess I’ve heard it before. I really like music since I was a child and every music I hear when it pleases me even if I couldn’t understand it. I remember when I was young, I sing a song with the lyrics all a bit jumbled up 😛 or sometimes I lipsynch.

Enough of Amy Grant, I’m now tuned in with Alicia Keys’s song ‘No one’ this song is amazing and I can surely relate to it

“Everything’s gonna be alright”

Sure everything is, so no matter how I feel everyday, when I hear this I feel a suddenly uplifted. This sure is inspiring  🙂 and that when I hear it I feel good again.

Okay so lovely friends it’s time for lunch! But before I dig my lunch, I’d like to share this too, another piece of Alicia Keys that is truly amazing and I found myself singing for a whole month, everyday! 🙂

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