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Saved the Giddy Goat

Daily Prompt: Daring Do

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOLD.

I don’t have to think about this, because this one’s something I won’t forget. The bruise is gone but not the reason why I got it.

He was only in his ninth month and he could already stand on his feet but couldn’t walk so he still needs assistance. He’s a very jolly child he always makes people happy and spirits up when he’s in the room. He always wear a very irresistible and wide smile every time you see him, he is certainly the apple of everyone’s eye.

He looks like a little bean all covered in white the first day he arrived from the hospital, all are awestruck because he was so beautiful and vibrant and even now he never failed to make people mirthful and alive. He’s part of my morning regimen actually, when I wake up in the morning I always go to their door and see if he’s already awake and then if he is, I’ll kiss him and hug his little body that I always love to smell. I guess you know already what I’m describing here. This little guy is my cousin. And his name is Brent.

My very charming, cutie-patootee cousin Baby Brent in his eighth/ninth month :)
My very charming, cutie-patootee cousin Baby Brent in his eighth/ninth month 🙂

One night I carried little Brent to our house because we’ll be playing, I perched him on the floor. He always gets up when he’s sitting and I knew that he’ll do it when he’s already on the floor. I left him sitting and I went to close the door. Not too long when I stood and closing the door, he’s already standing and he’s placed at the edge of the couch trying to get a grip but I was mistaken, I thought he’s going to hold onto the couch but he let his hands go off the couch, maybe four feet away from the door I saw him losing his balance and ready to fall on to his head. He was only nine months and still fragile, I leap off from where I’m standing and tried to save him from falling on his head. Our floor is tiled so he will surely hurt himself if he fell off. Fortunately I caught him on his head, I slid my hand under his head just in time when he’s about to fall. He didn’t cry, and thank goodness to that. I screamed from utter jolt, my heart was thudding hard and fast, and saw my brother smiling at me. “That was amazing, you saved him.” He sneered, and I thought, “That wasn’t amazing.” That nearly killed me from heart attack. And if he really fell off I could kill myself on the spot. I can’t see him cry and writhing from pain. That could kill me.

After two hours, I saw my right knee bruised from the impact. Because I got on my knees when I slid my hand to catch his head and from keeping him from falling. And that was fine with me, at least he’s not hurt and that’s all that matters.

Right now he’s already one year old and he could now walk already, play, run around, and act like a giddy goat. And we love to see him like that because he’s so funny and ecstatic. He always copy what he sees, like for example, he saw his brother on his training for Taekwondo, we all cracked up when we saw him running around, kicking, mimicking what his brother was doing and saying “YAH!” Every time he kicks. Alive and kicking eh?! 😀 Right now, every time he runs around and climb up the couch, bed or chair still his safety is what we keep in our mind and not how funny he will be doing when he’s up there. We love this little guy, and it’s my pleasure to keep him safe. Always!

Now here are some evidence of his Giddiness 😀 I mean, OUR giddiness.

webcam-toy-photo2 webcam-toy-photo3 webcam-toy-photo4 webcam-toy-photo5

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