Julie & Julia’s Touch for the Night

I just like how the confidence just sprung out of Julia Child’s mouth when she answered the woman who runs the Le Cordon Bleu and then she said ‘How much?’ in utter confidence. I’m watching Julie & Julia for the hundredth time now. I’ve never had enough of this movie, it’s funny and inspiring and I like how every characters were blended in to make such beautiful movie as this.

I’m no good cook, but I love to eat. The first I’ve tried to do when I watched this movie was Poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, and they’re marvelous! I’m like Julie, the blogger and the one who challenged herself to cook all the recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook. Though, I am just a blogger and a foodie only.

Now, I suddenly realized that my life hasn’t started yet. I grow, every day, but my life hasn’t started yet, and then I asked myself when and what am I going to be when it starts? I wish I’ll have it while I’m still young, Julia had it when she was in mid-forties, and Julie was thirty, when she started to blog and relive Julia Child’s cookbook, and her life went differently in an amazing way. People knew her and became a writer. And I wish I could be one.

On top of everything, I also thought what’s it going to be when my future husband will ask me what’s for dinner?

I really wonder, and I smile at this thought. Well I wish I could cook something special every night for him, just like what Julie and Julia does to their husbands everyday, and not just place a plate of Eggs and Spam!

Anyway, I’m almost done with the movie, I’ve watched it a hundred time and I never want to miss the ending. I said I’ll hit the sack ever so early in my life, and that I wouldn’t spend the entire night in front of my computer. But look, I’m finishing this post and this movie……….Julie and Julia.

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