FUN FUN FUN……What’s that again?

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I read a tweet just a minute ago, saying;

‘You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.’

And it suddenly hit me, what is the meaning of fun? For me what’s the meaning of it? And for others?

Some people, fun for them is going to the club, dancing, drinking, and partying until they all got wasted. Well, actually that really sounds FUN. While for others, fun is going to museums, drinking tea and seeing passersby, eating, reading your favorite book, writing, drawing or painting, and just having a little drink with someone and talking. And that’s FUN too, and it doesn’t require a maximum level of your energy and you’re not going to get wasted. And I think I belong to this type of people……I guess.

For me FUN means doing what you love to do and you’re having a good time doing it, even if you’re just at home, I don’t usually go out and go partying. When I go out, I could say that I’m having fun in checking out for new books to buy, purchasing books, pens, notebooks, and eating. That simple. And sometimes we’ll take a walk, meander around with a humongous cup of Ice-cream in my hand (one more thing is I barely go out alone) then sometimes we’ll go to museums and art galleries, and if we still got the time, we’ll go to historical places, and at the end of day, I’d say that my day is absolutely complete and FUN 🙂

I remember when I was still in school, my friends would ask me to come to this certain bar, I’d say yes but I would ditch them on the day we’re going to the bar, and then the next morning I’d see their pictures and obviously they had fun, and I missed it. Then I would tell myself that I’ll come next time, and then again, I would not because I just wanted to stay home, lie on my cozy bed, have a coffee, read a book and write, and then my day will be FUN and I’m satisfied.

Just like what my boyfriend always tell me, we are absolutely opposite.

He’s an adrenaline junkie and I’m not, although I’d like to try skydiving and air gliding someday, but I already imagine that I would faint. He likes being out and I don’t, when I’m tired of going to the mall and he would ask me to go to the mall, I would not come and he’ll get mad. I love outdoors, going to the beach, going to different places and not mall. I remember one time when he ranted about us being just at home and told me ‘You surely can survive and live with boredom’ and  I just shrugged and said that I’m not bored, and he said that he is bored to death, and he wanted to go out, then I’d say that I don’t like and then he’ll be pissed off and go to bed and sleep 😛

We’re totally opposite, like how I like classic and vintage , and him modern.

I guess I am contented with just being at home. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t always ditch my friends on night-outs, and turn my boyfriend down with his wanting to go out, I’m not a big spoiler, sometimes I come with them too 😛 If I feel like coming and when I feel that I need some air and do some new things, I’m still sappy and full of fun sometimes 🙂

When I was younger I’m always out of the house and I spend more time with my friends than being at home, we drank  like there’s no tomorrow, have sleepovers, go other places and have the so called fun. And when I get older, I’m doing things that I supposedly have done when I was younger. Because before, I’m not allowed to do all those things, but I’m not a very-law-abiding person, I break rules, have fun and do whatever I want as long as I’m not at home. But now is different, I’m on the right age to do all these things and I opt not to do it 😛

Anyway, FUN is always there and it’s up with the person on how he’ll have the FUN in his life 🙂 and whatever would that be the most important thing is that you’re happy and you’re living your life to the fullest, that’s all that matters, because life is too short to know, and all you’ve got to do is live it while you still have it…..And be happy 🙂

So What about you? What is fun for you? I’d love to hear them, so that maybe one time, I’d try ’em too 🙂

To the fullest life 🙂 xx

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