For the past few weeks, my fingers had been itching to fly across the keys on my computer, my thoughts had been itching to get off of my mind, and I’ve been itching for my thoughts to be read again. Hello friends! It’s really nice to be back again and writing, if I’m not mistaken, my last post would be the short story I made, titled, The last of him and that was posted last January. I almost forgotten how good it is to write.

I’ve got a lot of things to spill here, since I was gone for so long.

I know many of you knew and have read the book of Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, that amazing book surely left a deep mark in me, I will never forget how it made me feel like I want to be peculiar, the urge it gave me to find a loop somewhere, and that made me so silly. Well, Ransom Riggs happened to have another masterpiece, and it was titled ‘Hollow City’ a sequel to the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This second book, I must say is indeed an Obra Maestra! So many nerve-wracking things happened and my heart didn’t skip a beat while I was reading it, my heart was thudding as I read them running as fast as they could away from the wights. And also how Ransom Riggs continued the love affair between Jacob and Emma, but in this book everything is detailed, how they kiss and what they felt. It is filled with adventure, and that actually didn’t allow me to put the book down, and if I did, my hands are itching to grab the book again and read more, and so in two days, I finished it. I wish you could read the book too, for it is such an amazing read.

Source: Goodreads
Source: Goodreads

Before reading Ransom Riggs’ Hollow City, I actually bought two new books. When I got my money, I didn’t think twice, I ran to the bookstore and went to see the book of Lauren Conrad I hid behind the stack of book in the corner shelf. I almost lost hope when I asked the storekeeper if they still got the book and she said no, but then when I checked the shelf where I hid it, it was still there, crammed with other books, seeking for my help to get it out of there and in my mind I said ‘Yes baby, you’re coming home with me.’  So I yanked the book and felt happy instantly, feeling the book’s weight on my hand. The storekeeper saw me, and said ‘Oh! There it is’ And I saidYep, and I’m brilliant.’ And she just smiled.

Source: Goodreads
Source: Goodreads
Source: Goodreads
Source: Goodreads

There were a total of three copies of Lauren Conrad’s book in the store when I last went there, and that was the day I hid it 😀 I didn’t see the other two copies so I thought that maybe the last copy, which I hid might be gone too, but it wasn’t, so lucky me! But then I didn’t read it, because my boyfriend surprised me the next day with the Hollow City book, which I’ve been waiting for days, because it was out of stock. And then again heaven heard me, and I got the book in my hands, still covered and smells really nice. I started to read, and meet again Jacob. I really wish this book will have a motion picture.

I got so lucky for days and I couldn’t be even more grateful with all those things 😀

Actually, there’s one more, I get to talk with my dad. We barely talk to each other, and right now, we talk as if I’m the only person he could ever talk to, and I felt like things are getting worse between him and mom. It feels nice that he’s talking to me, although it makes me really sad hearing the horrible things he is keeping in his heart and the forlorn accustomed to it. As well as with my mom, I feel rueful because they rant almost the same thing, my mom cried to me because of her burdens with my father and my dad did too, I can’t say or do anything to them but sigh and understand both of them. I’m not in the right place to tell them who is right or wrong, they need to talk and sort things out, that’s what I keep telling them. And that’s the best solution I see so far.

Anyway, I know things will get better sooner or later, I’m not expecting for something worst for I believe they won’t come up to a hefty decision that will get the family apart, I still believe that they won’t bring up the ‘D’ word, or the ‘A’ word in the Philippines, that means annulment.

So there you are guys, I hope you are having a good day 🙂 Because I am…….With my coffee!

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