Gone too long but I’m back and I’m ready to roll!

Hello there everyone! It’s just so nice to be back, I apologize for being M.I.A for the last couple of, I don’t know, maybe months? Weeks? I’m not exactly sure, but I’ve been gone seriously for ages. I’m up all night for weeks because I’m helping Earvin to get up at three o’clock in the morning, for he suck at waking up to the alarm clock and he’ll go to his job on past four o’clock. For a couple of weeks I stayed up all night, thinking about what to write, read a bit, and think of what I’m going to prepare for him for breakfast. Then I’ll hit the sack on six in the morning because I don’t fell asleep that easily, then wake up by past twelve in the afternoon and after I got some lunch, I’ll be washing my man’s laundry. I don’t do the laundry in the house because we have our nanny, but I made it to washing some clothes because of Earv, though not so well because I don’t really know how to. So much for a wife eh? Ha-ha! Nah! Just doing my part as his girlfriend, I don’t even know if I’m a ‘wife-material’.

So that’s just one of what’s going on with my life lately. And another for not being able to write more, more for being stuck up…… All the time, and what’s that called? Writer’s block? Is that the right one? I guess not, mine’s I guess is called ‘Procrastination’. Nothing uncanny about it right? I’ve got imagining working up inside me all day, seeing things, people I’ve never met before, and being in places I wanted to be in someday, and words are talking that my hand and lips can’t speak of. It’s all taking place.

I would like to share some to you.

I’ve met the most beautiful girl, her eyes have captured me the way I did to her

                                Eyes that could guise through beyond everything and one’s deepest soul

I closed my doors but she permeated through it and opened it

  She summoned the light in and I never saw the beauty gone with the wind again.

So there, I really feel like it’s still kind of unfinished and nothing more words have come yet to get it done, but I feel like there’s still more coming, don’t worry guys, I’ll keep you posted when something got in to me.

My boyfriend’s already gone for work and I now am ready for bed. Though not sleep yet, I still got a movie and coffee to finish. Bye! And I’ll come back for more. That is for sure. Have a great day everyone!


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