The Kind of Morning

Nope! I haven’t died  yet.

I was gone for a long time, hell of a long time and I’m absolutely sorry my dear friends for being M.I.A.

So how have you been? I’ve been gone for a couple of months and why? I wasn’t in myself, yes,  the spirit of procrastination took over my body which wasn’t good, but I’m back now.

I’m up way so early this morning because I need to help my siblings get ready for school, I made breakfast, turned on my laptop and turn up some music to start the day good. I maybe still drowsy because I was up past eleven last night because of my annoying cousins, but that drowsiness made me become thrilled, weird isn’t it? But it did good to me this morning, because my imagination started to gobble up my brain. This past few days, I came to this website about working in Ireland, I read about it and became interested, saw the apartments that you could possibly rent or ‘let’ (as what they call it) while you are working there. But as I read further my hopes went down, it’s only applicable for students, I am a student but an inactive student, and I don’t know when I’ll go back to school.

I got really excited about Ireland and it kept me from daydreaming every time I’m drinking my coffee and stare at my computer. Sometimes I ask myself, when will I ever set foot to London? What about in Paris? And in Ireland too? There are so many things I want to do and explore but when? I’m really getting impatient about this 🙂 Pardon me.

But right now, I will just need to keep my hopes up and dream for a little while that I am in these places, having a nice cup of coffee in the balcony, with my beautiful breakfast on the table and having selfies in my phone, saying “My kind of morning” 😀 hashtag London or Paris or Ireland 🙂 But back to reality, I’m having breakfast with my laptop, drinking nothing and I’m not in a balcony, I’m in the living room listening to Alanis Morissette .

I really wish to have this kind of mornings someday, but I hope that you’re having your kind of morning right now 🙂 Good morning and have a nice day!





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