Last Night’s Nostalgia

Last night, my father went reminiscent. In his good old days, he’s a basketball player
and I remember witnessing a game of his when I was young. I even remember the time I went ballistic when he left me. I wanted to come with him in one of his game so he asked me to change from my pajamas, so I went to our room and changed my clothes, hastily, only to find out when I came out of the room that he fled already. And I wailed loud cries and shouts. My mom was laughing at me because my father duped me real good.
We all kept listening to his stories, see him looking up and smiling while telling his story, all of his glory days. My three siblings and my father were gathered in the table finishing dinner while me and my beau were at the living area waiting for them to finish their meal because we’re not eating yet.
Then my father got up and told them to finish up because Miel and I will eat

(Finally, he felt it. That we’re waiting for them to finish)

So I brought out new clean plates, then we both sat down to eat. Then Miel said, “So it seems like your father is a legend.” I just smiled, but deep inside, I am glowing with pride. My father is a really great player, his brother and friends say so too and even without them telling all about it, I still believe that he is, because I saw him played before and people knew my father that he plays really good. And I am so proud of him
Then Miel asked hypothetically, “What about me, what stories could I share with my kids?” Then I said, “You, drifting a plane-” “For miles.” and then he just laughed, I got him with that, huh. I am even more glowing with pride for cracking him up. That was spontaneous!

Anyway, the thought seeped through the cracks of my mind, and then asked myself, what are we going to share to them? I remembered when I was younger, I am ravenous for answers and explanations to feed my bewildered mind, so I assume and I’ve anticipated that my kids will be like me, filled with questions. Oh those shining, thrilled, expectant eyes looking up at you, waiting to be satisfied with answers. I can’t wait to see them.
I suddenly see myself having the same look my father showed us while being reminiscent. What about me? How will I look like?

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