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Daily Post: Undo

I may sound old fashioned but if there’s something I wanted to be un-invented, that would be Ipads and tablets.

Because of the youth today.

I am a 90’s child and life before is so simple and easy, but it’s always fun. And there’s no violence involved.
I remember going out of the house, running and playing, doing outdoor activities and just plain having fun, not only it will exercise the body from activities but also build the interpersonal skills of a child from making friends.

But now…..

I see children, children at home, engrossed with their Ipads or tablets. Some children has their Facebook account or any social sites, which is not good, these stuffs are prone to exploitative stuffs, profane words, violence and pornography.

Plus they could also access to sites that aren’t meant for children. Porn sites are the best example for this. This could easily be accessed by a child especially if they are not supervised, I mean, how would you know? When a child could bring it anywhere, hide perhaps and take a peek, or maybe watch something they are not supposed to see, when a parent is confident that their child is just engrossed with some app.

Not only these things are factors of concern, sitting all day is unhealthy, there are studies that show different kinds of diseases that could get from sitting all day and no physical activities. And this is not good for a child who is still on the stage of body development.

Yes Ipads and tablets are portable and helpful, you can have access to anything even if you’re just in your car and you can have fun, and kill doldrums. But there are far more important things to consider when letting your child own something like it.

So it’s best if these two weren’t invented.

In response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

5 thoughts on “Daily Post: Undo

  1. Even Television was once a concern to parents, proper supervision is all that is required.
    There are a lot of apps to filter content for the under age, as a parent or caretaker it is important to understand these things.

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad 🙂 I can still see some children still playing outside but only when the said gadget is unavailable, and it is still sad to think. I am so proud that I am a 90’s child I learned a lot from experiences before that are worthwhile 🙂 and I cherish those memories, being a kid. Oh such fun 🙂 yey! A 90’s child. Our generation is far better 🙂

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