It takes A LOT of patience and……Contentment

Wow, it’s been how many weeks since I last posted, so sorry for that, I’ve been really busy searching and digging the internet on how I could earn while I’m still at home…I can’t work yet, because of the ‘bun in the oven’. Only few more months away and I will be able to see the little pumpkin who kept nudging and kicking me mercilessly πŸ˜€

Anyway, I went back to freelance work. I updated my account in a particular website I joined before for freelancers and tried to find a job. Luckily my first bid was granted, I got the job and I am working on a lot of articles, the rate per article is…..Well, not as high as what I expected, it’s a fixed price, I tried to negotiate to add ‘one’ for the rate but then she insisted that it’s already a fixed price, but anyways it’s fine with me, I’m not really hoping for a bunch, what I want is to do something while I am at home, just to get me a little bit bustled for the meantime. After saying that I am hired (That was a week ago) I didn’t hear from her anymore, I thought I was duped, again, so I waited for days because she told me that she’s going to send me the topics that I am going to make articles with, but after that she didn’t send them nor went online. Again, I felt disappointed, I was so ecstatic that I will have something to do but she’s not sending them yet.

But before her, I already make an account in two different freelance websites, weeks before I saw and posted an application for her project, I also made an account for affiliates, and as you can see there are banners in my sidebar, which is new, because I don’t have banners like that in my blog before, and that was what I did few weeks ago, I applied as an affiliate, so that little by little, I could earn, right?

But I thought it was easy, I’ve anticipated a different picture, I pictured out myself while I am making and verifying my account as an affiliate, I see myself gasping from the dollars that I would see when I open my account, but days passed and I saw zero and a dollar sign lol! Oh man! I thought to myself, and then again, day after day whenever I check my account, still zero, nada!Β So as with my two new freelance accounts, I tried to send my proposal in different projects, sent my applications, but still no response from the employers on both accounts. Every day, when I wake up, while making myself breakfast, computer’s already open and tabs too, checking emails and checking the accounts, my hopes are way higher than the Himalayas that an employer has sent me a message and has approved my application, but none. I kept telling that I am not hard to negotiate with, I am not really after the payment, I am after the assignments, I am after the different tasks that I will do everyday, and the interesting topics I am going to make articles with everyday. I’m not really thinking about the large amount, but well, if the employer is generous enough and saw that my work is satisfactory, well then I guess I am lucky. But for now, I am not. Still hasn’t found a magnanimous employer and something that will make me really interested to write. It really takes a lot of patience, A LOT! And you know what’s funny? Is that I myself, is not really a patient person, Β and I guess that I am being tested this time.

So far, since the first employer who contact me is giving me a not so biggie rate per articles that I will make, because to tell you honestly, I am totally buggin’ that it is a law firm. Two days ago I tried to wait until that employer goes online, and she did, so I asked her when is she going to send me the topics that I am going to write articles with, she said ‘Now’ then she said and the terms that I must include in every article. It’s all about tax lawyers, and I was like, OH MY GOD! And I needed to make four articles about it. I know nothing about the bummer. Honestly, I thought of declining it, but then it occurred to me that this something new, and I have to try something new, there’s nothing I would lose if I’ll try right? So challenge accepted. I sent all the articles I made last night, made a lot of research and read a lot of different articles on the same niche just to get some ideas. After sending the files, I turned off the computer and felt good, I actually felt good for finishing something. That’s what I am looking for….Challenge…..The adrenaline πŸ™‚

This morning, when I waited for her response, she finally went online and I asked how were the articles, and she said that my articles were good and that I should keep up the good work. And I felt my cheek glow with pride and blithe. And she gave me another task, but still in the same niche, still about, TAX LAWYERS. lol

I feel terribly fine today, because she appreciated the work I’ve done, and it’s really amazing. For now, I am going to work on the new task, finish it until tomorrow, send my works to her, and receive my first payment. And I am hoping that on my next task, I’ll be writing about a different topic. Perhaps, about the IRS. lol.


My fingers are still crossed for a new ‘magnanimous’ employer.


I hope he won’t let me write about different kinds of lawyers. lol

2 thoughts on “It takes A LOT of patience and……Contentment

  1. Hey Couchpotato, I am happy to meet you, and appreciate the follow, and here are a couple links for online work. The survey one probably ain’t worth diddly, and the other is a data processing and email verification for free trials through the web. Can’t hurt to check them out. I will talk with you soon. I am out of town for a week or so. Hope to see ya soon, Squatch

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