25 Blog Post Challenge, #1; Surprise! Surprise!

I’ve been meaning to write this, but I can’t find the right timing, I’ve been one of a busy bee this past few days, walking to and fro, doing this and that. I’m actually processing our application for our electricity’s re-application, submitting and completing the requirements. So yesterday, our application was finally made and our home will be surveyed this coming week so I’ll be at home for a couple of days.

This particular evening made me so blithesome, made me feel so special and I felt myself glow with happiness. I met new people, became acquaintances and sooner I know they’ll become my friends too. This particular night was my ‘Surprise Baby Shower’. When I first knew that I was pregnant, this thing never occurred to me, honestly, I don’t want to have any lol. But surprise! Surprise! My mom came up with this plan and I’m awfully touched with her present.

Things became clear to me, one of our classmate and a friend in high school asked me something about a thingย on 6th of April, he confirmed about something’s that’s gonna happened on that day and I’m not sure exactly what it is so I asked him about what our friend is asking, then he sent him a message in his account, then our friend told me about their “get-together thingy”ย on April 6. Okay, that was smooth lol then another was his sister, she asked me one morning over breakfast, if I wanted to have a baby shower, I answered ‘no’ then asked why, and I just simply said that it’s going to cost me a lot, from the time that I will need to prepare and organize, to the expenses, there are a lot of things I have to consider, plus, I am not into parties ๐Ÿ™‚ (sorry for being such a killjoy) then she told me about her baby shower, the happenings and the preparation they made. It seems pretty fun though, but then again, I am not into things like that.

And on April 6th it was all clear to me, though my closest friends weren’t there, the people he invited that he knows were special and dear to me weren’t there, I was sad but above all, I am grateful, because those people who were there, whom I barely know made time and effort to get to know me, to see someone they haven’t seen yet. It’s really great to meet them, especially that some of them will be my son’s future godparents.


I read in an article before that ‘Never say no to a baby shower’ and it’s because it can save you some money, in not needing to buy some things the baby hasn’t have yet, and it’s true! And it’s quite special too because the things your baby will use is from the dearest people his parents know, the monetary value is not really important, but the value of that gift, that it was given because they are pleased to give your baby. I know Blake (My son’s name) was excited as I was that night, because he kept moving, nudging and kicking me, and I was pleased that some people saw my belly moved and they were awestruck by my little star.

It was really a fun night and I’m utterly grateful with mom and to all the people who made it all possible, plus with all the precious things they bestowed my little one, I could never even more grateful. Few more weeks to go and I’ll be seeing this little pumpkin endlessly nudging inside me. Just like right now, as if he knows I am talking about him ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love, Ann.


I really enjoyed this confection! ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I am not sure how and if I am going to cut this, because it’s just too adorable.

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