BestThing That Ever Happened

I finally got my laptop back, and I finally get to open my wordpress, which on the other hand is such a shame. I didn’t have any visitors last May 25th and it saddened me, I always check my status even if I hasn’t written yet, and tonight when I came to check it, that day is just bad. Anyways I am here now and trying to keep you all posted.

So, what’s up everyone? ME? Okay, so for the couple of months waiting for my little one to arrive, he is finally here 🙂 the one who’s been endlessly nudging and kicking me from the inside, always causing me to be gobsmacked is here and still kicking me 🙂

It was 2 am on the 30th day of April when I felt and notice my contractions were a bit painful, I felt the contractions differently and I tried to talk to him “Not today Blake, wait until your grandma gets home.” I said with every contractions (My mom was about to come home from Hong Kong) but I guess he just wanted to come out already, so by 4:08 PM that day, I heard his first loud cry and touched him for the very first time, body still slippery with blood 🙂 I never thought I could do it, pushed someone out of me.

And now he’s a month old, healthy and everything, I couldn’t be any happier, even if I get so tired and sleepless , putting him to sleep and calming him in my arms when he gets so fussy is just priceless. staring at him sleeping and kissing his little round chubby cheeks are enough to relieve me. I just can’t explain furthermore….it’s all pure happiness. He is my absolute happiness 🙂

Cheeky little sweet pea :)
Cheeky little sweet pea 🙂

I am now stoked and anxious with what he’s going’ to be like when he grew up. I love this little man and he’s my everything now 🙂

Oh and by the way, if you, whoever you are, know someone who is in need of writing works because I am looking for a freelance job this time, you might want to refer me 🙂 it’ll be a great help, while I’m at home. Thank you in advance!

So there you go my friends hope to publish more, for I have a lot of things in my mind that need to be free. Night xx

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