Weeklong Plans

I did a lot today, from cleaning the house, making lunch while taking care of a wailing baby, making afternoon snack, and then off to cook some dinner, and more to my son, and now contemplating how I’m going to survive tomorrow, phew! I’ve never been this busy and tiresome in this house before.

Now I know, having a baby is not really easy especially when you’re alone and you’re baby is just so finicky that he always wants to be cradled and carried. He always wants to be cradled in my arms and carried around, whenever I put him down, it’ll be only a few seconds then there he goes again, loud cry. Anyway, I survived today and I’m sure I will tomorrow and the coming days.

Aside from contemplating on how to survive in this house, I have planned that I’ll be doing some more blogging, writing and reading this week, I need to get back to the one I was before, the one who’s so exhilarated to post and share something, someone so thrilled to get his writings published, because to tell you honestly, the thrills fluctuated, the spark is still there, and now I’m striving so as not to lose the sparks. What happened?

The good thing is, I got inspired to write something 🙂 not gonna tell it yet so I won’t jinx it. So I’m planning to finish the book titled Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult,11416191_934810379873980_8788830899629758051_n

I’ve read it already when I was pregnant but didn’t finish it because of the story line, I was pregnant that time and it kind of makes me paranoid and anxious that the book filled my brain with what ifs, like what if it happens to me? I bend then hear something break then found out my baby got broken bones inside the womb, or what if my baby got osteogenesis imperfecta? Which is the child’s case in the book. See it’s somehow not good for me, but now that my baby’s out already and really well, I guess I’d be able to finish it within this week. Hopefully.

I’m planning to write more this week and I hope I could do it, with Blake being the challenge in my plans. Plus, I’d like to have my past endeavors to be edited, revised and improved to be published, I saw a lot of drafts that need to be finished here in my laptop and they all wanted to be finished.

So there, wish me luck on everything I have to do, and hopefully next week, when I write my next post, I’d be able to say that I accomplished everything.


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