Just an Update

Tore another page of a notebook.

This is something I hate when I’m trying to write, “the perfectionist”, “the inner editor” in me keeps playing its role, until I won’t be able to finish a piece. I hate it.

Stop from editing and revising until you get to the end, that’s exactly what I remember when I read this on a writing advice which I can’t remember where I read it, JUST WRITE and let your story flow, another advice that I always keep in mind, it’s kind of hard, I really want to finish something and yet when I read it and doesn’t like the word used, everything’s changed because of me trying to change that one word, everything else follows. I guess I missed the advice on “how not to be a perfectionist?”

Anyway, I’m still working on everything, the story line, and yes, me, on how not to be a perfectionist while writing, because, hello? How I’m going to finish something if I keep on editing it in the middle of the construction.

I’m a little bit sad today, I wasn’t able to do some things I planned to do, why? My son doesn’t want to lie down on the bed, he just want to be carried and cradled, he kept crying whenever I put him down. And secondly, all the housework were left to me, all my siblings were in school and I had to do the cleaning and cooking.

So tomorrow is the celebration of Independence Day here in PH there’ll be no classes, so my siblings are here, which means I will have time to write and rest, hopefully….

It’s really late here now, and I’m pretty much tired, so good night! And hopefully tomorrow I’d be able to publish everything I planned to.

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