Touch of Motivation

Source: Tumblr.

It’s really hard to write consistently every day, honestly. Almost every day I keep telling myself to write something or an idea or a story line that will suddenly prick my mind, and I’d tell myself to write but at the end of the day I’ll find myself saying “I’ll do it tomorrow, swear” and then the same thing happens the next day. Especially today, I have a lot of excuse to repudiate my plan to write, I got a baby to take care of, I got chores to do so whenever my baby sleeps I am working on the chores left for me, when everything’s done all I wanted to do is take a rest and sleep, and when I wake up, there’s a baby waiting for me to be fed and to be taken care of. A lot isn’t it?

I really want to go back to the time when writing is like a regimen, I can’t miss it, because I’d be like an empty barrel indefinitely floating in the vast ocean, wandering and incomplete. That’s me until now, because I am not able to write on my journal and notebook to just write my thoughts and ideas out.

I guess I’ve misused the “Writer” part in me because I am not able to write, and a writer is supposed to be writing, isn’t that terrible? I honestly have lost so many days promising myself that I’ll write but ends up saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” still under the power of “Tomorrow” making myself believe, when in reality it just means “I can’t do it.” and it never ends. It’s so frustrating, going to bed one night, realizing that you haven’t write anything that day, your characters hanging, your thoughts clouding your mind, your head feeling heavy because they all want to come out and you’re there, feeling too futile to move and mutters “I’ll write tomorrow”.

It’s sad that my character Sage didn’t go to the beach where Leon is waiting to ask for a second chance to fix their relationship, so Leon left for Switzerland because he thought Sage has called it quits for good, and it’s my fault, Sage didn’t get the message, because it’s still in my vault. The clouded vault, where more of characters and stories like them is still kept. Dreadful.

A writer writes

That’s what I keep in my mind every day, words that keep me pushing to do so, today I didn’t promise myself to write, what I’m trying to do is promise myself not to do it tomorrow, because if you say you’ll do it tomorrow and repudiate your writing today, it will be easy for you to do and say the same thing tomorrow until you lose many days not writing. I remember doing the 750 words prompt every day, just write about anything and everything just to complete a 750-word or more work for a start to keep you going, some days I got less and some days the word count exceeds and it’s nice to see the shiny little check that indicates that I’ve completed the challenge. I wanted to do it again, I wanted to keep going, to write every day, pour out my words and feel complete, and I want it today.

So if there’s anyone out there who suffers the same fate, I hope you’ll surpass that, unload your minds through your keyboards or pad and pen, get your characters out of your safe, I know there is a Sage and a Leon still lingering and waiting for their ending to come. Right now, I’m working on my Sage and Leon, because how they started is just remarkable, and I can’t wait to give them the story they wanted. So now I challenge you to sit down, write, and turn your tomorrow, TODAY.

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