Fictional Crushes

Whenever I read a good book, I always get hooked with the characters, those who got strong, assertive and really admiring personality, especially to male characters. I sometimes even think that this kind of guy (same as the one in the book) is real, and he is just here somewhere and then I would feel really nervous and eager to find him and meet him in the flesh and not just the product of me being so delusional. I read a book and then fall in love with the characters and that I even imagine myself being their heroine (which is way way impossible) So, I would like you to meet the guys that I am smitten with.

Ethan Carter Wate (Beautiful Creatures) I’ve watched the movie of this book and what I can say the character suits the actor well, he’s so wise and strong, the way he fought for Lena is just so admiring and Lena Duchannes is just so lucky to have him.

Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars)

I know, I know, every girl loves him and wants an Augustus Waters in their life too, who wouldn’t? Count me in those who actually fantasize to have Augustus Waters in their life, if not literally him, or personally but someone like him, exactly like him will be very lovely. He is spontaneous, outspoken and clever, he’s like a surprise center in a hard candy.

Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments: City of Bones)

Oh God! Would you believe that I even followed him (Jamie Campbell Bower) on twitter? I am terribly and absolutely in love with him, the character suits him well, for a Jace Wayland in the book, the casting director is so good in picking him, and that made me fell for Jace even more, seeing one in motion picture and not just picturing him out of the book. His elusive yet gentlemanly manner made me swoon, even now, while writing this, I’m actually staring at one of his images from the movie.

And for the last but not the least, there’s no actor yet that could actually portray this fictional character, and it’s just unfortunate that this novel hasn’t got into the big screen yet, so some of you are probably doesn’t know him, so I’d like you to meet the guy who never failed to make me swoon and send butterflies in my stomach, Jon, from the novel Remember Me?

Jon (Remember Me?)

I have read this novel for how many times and it never failed to make me fall in love with Jon over and over again, this is one of Sophie Kinsella’s creation and a big kudos for Sophie because for me, she has just created the perfect man that would impossibly walk on earth. You have to read the book, so you’ll know why I’m actually smitten of him, and oh my! I wish, I really wish that he would step on my doorstep and be with me *wide grin*

So there you are people, I have really few fictional crushes, I have met a lot of guy in books but only few caught my heart and made me swoon until now.

What about you? May I know who your fictional crushes are?

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