It’s All Planned Out

Haven’t posted anything since  my last post and nahh if you are referring to my last post  because I just published that a while ago, and I do hope that you check on it and enjoyed it if you’re done reading my last post. So, how have I been? I’ve been quite busy lately, with taking care of my son and fulfilling my duties in the house, and it made me really tired though, so I wasn’t able to snag some time and write, but to hit the bed and get some rest.

Two storms have passed our country, well the second one I’m not sure if it left already, it is still raining and there were no classes since last Tuesday and I could feel students and children rejoicing for that, but I could feel people who were affected by the typhoon and it isn’t okay, still, no right to rejoice because in some parts of the country while they’re people rejoicing because they’ll have more time with their personal business at home due to suspended classes, there are people who are fighting and preventing their home to be taken away or washed out by the storm so let’s pray for them. It’s been pretty hell of a week, non-stop raining and strong winds. Wishing for everyone’s safety.

On the other hand, weekend is about to come and I will not be home for days, why? Well it is already a mundane that we, my son & I would spend weekends and more at my boyfriend’s house, so my son’s grandparents would be able to see him, cuddle him, and everything. However, I got plans already in what I’m going to do during the weekend. I needed to make some changes and I hope I would be able to attain it this week.

  • READ and FINISH – I’ve been switching and not finishing books these couple of weeks now, and I can’t seem to concentrate in reading and finishing a book, which is terrible, I don’t want to betray a good novel and miss the fascinating exit. But I’m reading a book now and hopefully I could finish it in no time, and even more hopeful that I could make a review about it.
  • RENOVATE – I need to make some changes and improvements in my blog now, there were a lot of changes going on in my life and this blog should keep up with me right? I need to put some new things here and make it a really nice and read-worthy blog. I need this to reflect me, so it needs to be updated.
  • SORT BOOKS – My books are pretty disheveled right now, and it really frustrates me that whenever I open the cabinet (my book case) there’s no time that a book would not fall off, and I hate when my books fell off, plus I got a lot of new books so I really need to sort them. Immediately!
  • FINISH STORIES – Yes, I am starting to write again and I’m really glad that I am on track again, I’ve been trapped in a very dimmed place for months and now that a light burst in, I need to take hold of it and never let the darkness take over me. No more excuses, I need to finish my writings.
  • HAVE A JOB – The search isn’t over yet, I’m still searching for a freelance job. I’ve been digging up websites for some freelance works, applications sent, proposals sent, and one actually responded and considered my application, asked me when could I start the writing test and I replied but still she hasn’t answered me back yet. I keep checking my inbox and finding more jobs I could apply to, but still I’m still unfortunate. Hopefully this week, someone would respond and hire me.

So there, that sums it all up. I hope you all some really nice weekend ahead because me, it’s all planned out and I wish I would be able to do all of this, wish me luck guys! Keep you all posted.

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