Weekend “To-Dos” Update

Weekends over! And another week to come, time flies so fast my dearies, my baby’s gonna be 3 months old by the end of the month (Ooh don’t grow so fast) and then it’s going to be my birthday after a couple of months.
Weekend -To-do- UpdatesAnyway, if you have read my last post which is about my weekend plans or “To-Dos” I’m now here to make an update. Well, I could say that I didn’t quite well this weekend, though I am happy that I improved when it comes to making plans and attaining them, because honestly, I’m a bit of a forgetful person and I got an A+ in procrastinating (Well maybe a B+)

So here are the updates:

  • REAd & Finish Nope! I haven’t finish the book that I’m currently reading, why? Well, there are many reasons, but I’m striving to get it done before the week ends. Also, I am planning to make a review about it. (Hopefully!)
  • RENOVATE  YES! I finally made some changes inside my blog, if you had visit my blog before, today I gave my blog a bit of a new look, from the header to widgets 🙂 And I know you will surely notice the better and new look I gave my blog Yaaaayyyyy! And I’m planning to improve some more details soon. I’ll just have to conceptualize the things I wanted to improve. If you got suggestions, please feel free to comment them below, I’ll absolutely appreciate that.
  • SORT BOOKS  Another Yayyyy! Because I sorted my books, no more falling books nor disheveled notes cramped inside my book case. I finally got some time to sort the shambles, I’ve been looking for some time to do it and gladly I did it today.
  • FINISH STORIES  And nope, I haven’t finish writing my stories yet, I do, however, got more ideas to write and my fingers are tightly crossed to be able to finish my stories in no time so I could move on to the immediately.
  • HAVE A JOB  The long search is over, I have found a client to write for. Last Saturday, I proposed to a posted project and the client was impressed with my proposal so he accepted my application and asked me to submit my article on a certain website, which I did, and now my article is in the initial editor’s section to be closely scrutinize because it will be published to be seen and read by others. I hope that the deliberation will be done so I could get on with working on another.

And there, still got things left to do before the week ends and I am going to make sure that I’ll finish them at the drop of the hat and surely, I will keep you all posted for further changes.

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