The 4am Thoughts

I’ve been playing with my keys and with words as well, killed my backspace key to delete the words I think are wrong and should not be read, which I wish could be done to my thoughts as well. To delete some permanently and make my mind even more at peace.

This will be just real quick, I just need to spill it out, because even this mind could overflow and life is even more unpredictable to waste time, miss the chances and regret the day when there would be nothing left to say but “I could’ve said it” and I don’t want that to happen.

Laying there, on your cold sheet, are you sleepless to? In your mind, am I in there to? In your day, do I light it up to? I would need to muster up all the courage to ask you these.

Staring at the enticing pages where I kept my thoughts clandestine between covers, I see how perky those eyebrows and wonderful those eyes were when they stare at me. I see how affecting those smiles are, and how they start fire inside, and make my eyes show the sparks. I wish you notice them.


Words, I love them.

Words, I use to build the flames I feel for you.

Words you utter I wish are wholly true.

I let the fences you built go round me, just like those arms that clasped me and made the pickets stronger.

Why do life has to be so vivacious? Playing cards with our fates, led us to different courses when all along we could’ve been ushered to the same paths.

It’s just so bizarre.

Now this is some new plot that I have to shove in the new chapter of my book.

And this would be one of the most colourful story that I’ll write about and I shall write the most soulful words that will make them fall in love to, just be true and never play with the world that I shared you with.

I shall now put my mind at rest and fill my empty bed with the thoughts of you.


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