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Mission Accomplished for Library of Souls

God, days pass so fast. Who would have thought that it’s going to be Valentine’s day in few more days? Well, that’s not what I really want to point out here. It’s already February and still no progress with my wee space here, I’ve been pretty much preoccupied with everything in my life, and it seems as though I’m terrible with handling or managing my time. I admit it, I always procrastinate, and I sleep a lot and I feel terribly guilty.

I work as a consultant in eBay UK, and my work hours is not really good, since I have to be awake late at night to deal with members from the UK and help them with their concerns, that’s why when I go home, I always, always devour my time in bed, but later this day? It will be different. I promise since I got some plans already laid out.


Hurray! I’ve finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children; Library of Souls, it’s been a week of struggling to find some ample time to finish the book, since I got a very active little boy to take care of by day and some work to fulfill at night, then I’m really having a hard time to finish the book.

My mind is still left inside the book, I still hasn’t moved on with all the nerve-racking turns of events, Ransom really knows how and where to hold your breath and let go again in the scenes, I never thought I would get teary-eyed while reading it, especially in the middle of the battle with the wights and in Abaton, grueling and affecting. I was taken aback, breath held and brain has paused for some seconds when they reached the heart of the library and a gun was fired to ……… (not gonna mention the name, ‘coz I don’t want to spoil those who hasn’t read it) right in the chest, and there were screaming. I had to re-read that part because I can’t really believe it, though again, since Ransom is really good with ploys to make the situation more exciting, I was relived.

And this has such a beautiful ending, and right here right now, I keep repeating myself, the last words they had for each other. I find the ending really inspiring, after all the struggles, plights and the adventures that for normal people are way impossible to survive, they surpassed it, and made it ‘til the end. Together.


“Life doesn’t always scatter roses at your feet.” -Emma Bloom, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children; Library of Souls.

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