Embrace The Changes

If there are no changes, there are no IMPROVEMENTS.

I said I hate changes, and change as we all know is inevitable and it’s the only constant thing that ever exists. But I think my perception is about to change.

I am currently on my tenth day or most probably, the last day of my training. I am transferred to another line of business and region, so from UK, I am now going to deal with Americans, as I’ll be dealing or assisting members from North America now. Aside from the location and the nationality, the scopes of work have actually changed as well, before, I am handling the case filing, education, resolution, and general inquiry. Now, there will be no more case filing no more resolutions and there’ll be no more irate members, but this new line of business, this is still isn’t easy, for this new scope will be tricky.

During the first day of training, the trainer asked us to introduce ourselves since we all came from different departments and/or line of business, hence, we barely know each other, so everyone shared their names, and their insights with us being transferred. Some hated the changes, and some embraced it. As for me, I kind of hate changes with certain things, but this type of change, I sort of embraced it because I honestly got fed up with the mundane tasks, I hate routines, and I don’t want to live a monotonous life. I could easily get fed up with the things I’m used of doing, but don’t get me wrong, I felt morose when I knew I’d be transferred, because I’ll be missing the people whom I considered family, and these were my teammates, these people whom I’ve been with since day 1. But business is business, we have to accept the fact that we’ll dispersed to different line of businesses someday.

In our group, two of us we’re the second batch that was transferred, because some were already transferred last January and some of them were so dear to me. And those who were left, they changed.

Today, when I come in to work, will be the last day of training, and tomorrow, we’ll be taking live calls, and it’s the beginning, and I will embrace it, and I promised myself that I will be effective this time, and just like what my trainer said. If there are no changes, there are no improvements.

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