Months have passed and yes, I must admit I’m so inconsistent when it comes to posting and updating my blog. Right now, I’m trying the best that I could to publish one.


When you’re at work, where do you usually sit? Or where do you prefer? If you ask me, I prefer sitting near the window, because 1) I don’t get bored, 2) There’s a lot of things to see 3) It makes me drown in my thoughts and realize some things. Just by sitting near the window and looking outside, I already get lost.

Earlier this morning when I was at the office, I got the perfect spot/workstation and I wish I’d be sitting there again tomorrow. I saw the bustles around the block, people passing by, cars in haste, and the heat of the morning sun. Then it hits me, someday, I want to be free, out there and doing what I really love, go to places and feel the different air. How nice would that be?

Looking out the window lets me set foot to different places, and when the phone rings, I’m back to the real world. I’m still in the place where I need to be….For the meantime.

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