You will meet a lot of new people, different new people. Experience new things and surely, you will go through waves of emotions. It is a fact that at first, it’s going to be so sweet and enticing that you’ll forget how to be rational sometimes (hey you are just a human, don’t tell me that you never failed to be rational), because it’s inviting you to this “TRAP” yes baby, it’s a trap, and it’s up to you if you’ll survive.

Because life is full of games, and your ploy is important for you to be able to survive, to overcome whatever there is, so, here are your “Survival guide” for that “Trap” waiting for you.

 If you’re happy, just be happy, never EVER rely on someone for your happiness

It’s your first day of work, you met this guy and he’s so funny, he makes you laugh, and crack the most outrageous joke you’ve never heard before and you felt that he’s something. Stop there, you’re happy, and that would be it, never make that certain person become the cause of everything/

“Oh you know, I’m so happy because of him/her” that’s a big NO. People can make you happy, not just him/her. What if that person leaves you? What’s left with you now? Where your happiness be?

Everyone deserves happiness and happiness, you can have it anytime, from a lot of things, simple things can be your happiness, so never rely on someone for your happiness or else you’ll suffer. Do this, and you will survive, be your own happiness.

Never let your world revolve in one orbit

It’s a certainty that you will meet this one person who will make your dull world go round again, grow roses to your barren garden, and will bring light to your life (Oh I am so happy for you), that stops there. Let him/her do that, who wouldn’t want that right? But the common mistake being done here is closing the door and letting your world revolve around him/her, around one orbit. You are not growing, you are just allowing yourself to be vulnerable, what if the world that you’ve been secluded to, turn in a different direction? What are you gonna do? Never close your door and allow one person to become your sole orbit, because this person will just make your world same as his, allow yourself to discover, grow, and learn a lot of different things, and not get used to what he’s used to.

 Not all that glitters is gold

Never let yourself be deceived. You may find yourself the shiniest stone along the way and yes I know, it’s the shiniest thing you’ve ever seen and you will pick it, put it in your pocket and keep it because you thought it is a gold. Not all people that you will meet are genuine, so you have to be wiser. The world is so diverse, a lot of people will come across your life, some will be good and become your friends, some will become your enemy, some will be like surprise candies, first they are good but sooner or later you will discover the goodness is not true. Sometimes you will think that you have met the person that is for keeps, you’ll think that she or he is going to be good to you, because they show they care, but think again. People can be deceiving, and they will hit you right to your most vulnerable part, and that’s your heart.

Like the one you got, that when you get home, you thought you got gold but you didn’t, it’s just a rock.

 When the road gets bumpy, keep yourself steady

 A long journey awaits you, and there would be maelstroms on your way, but you got to keep your composure. There will be a lot of annoying, feeble-minded, cheating, lying, unbelievable people who will make everything hard for you, they will surely try to get you but don’t let them, keep yourself together and keep it steady, you may fumble but always try to keep up because at the end of the road, these bumps that you just encountered will be nothing, they’ll remain hindrances, but you? You surpassed them, and your life continues.

 Never doubt yourself.

The moment you got an instinct towards something, I advise you not to doubt it, especially if it’s a negative feeling, as your instincts are always right. Because if not, and if you will believe in their hearsays, and their lies, you’ll be the one devastated. I was never wrong of my instincts, and whenever I fail to follow it, I always lose.


Funny when I, myself, have lost the games in my life several times, I didn’t follow my instincts, so I was taken-advantage, I was betrayed, because I let my kindness rule over me, when I could have been wiser. They are right, love and kindness can make you a foolish, they’re the most powerful things in the world, love and kindness can change everything, but it’s not enough to survive the ominous games that life serves you, I must say I lost a hundred times but here I am, get on with my life, continued living, and doing the things I love. I survived, I fell on several traps but I strived to get out of it.

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