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I’ve Got Your Number

Frantic and worried-sick Poppy was left in the hotel looking for her engagement ring, an emerald-family heirloom engagement ring, and aside from the ominous fact that the wedding is just weeks away, she’ll be meeting her fiancé’s parents and she needs to have the ring on her finger, but where is it?

Not only has she lost her engagement ring, her phone got lost too, snatched from her own hands along the pavement. Just like what they say, something good will come to everything we lost, Poppy found a random phone left in the bin, finders keepers! Is it fate? Is it meant to be?

But the owner, an elusive guy named Sam didn’t agree with Poppy having it and going through his emails wishes to have it back, as it is a company phone, but Poppy negotiated to have it for the meantime, as soon as the ring is found. But there’s more to it than just discovering where the ring has been and how it got lost, she discovered more and gotten into more sticky plights. Can things get any more twisted?


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I just finished awhile ago and I still can’t contain myself with it, another Sophie Kinsella’s creation to add on my list of favorites, I’ve Got Your Number is just absolutely amazing! That with every turns of events, it never failed to take me with it. It really made my night! I’ll be sleeping with the butterflies still fluttering in my stomach.


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