In response to the daily prompt; Struggle

She thought that he was, by far, the most decd67da110ce50db48a716226e0d57a4caent man she ever had.

Everything is amazing and flawless at the beginning, that everyday in your life you would just thank God how lucky you are to have your partner. Beautiful days, amazing dates, and exciting new things. What else could you ask for?

Until you know the person, further.

“I don’t think it’s working.” She stood from the couch and walked over to the window, he was her childhood friend and it was her best-loved neighbourhood, she admired him then for being so virtuous but she don’t see it now, and it’s as if she’s in a strange place, nothing is familiar anymore.

“I told you before that I can’t live without you, that’s what I thought. You can go now.” His eyes weren’t shining as before, there’s nothing, his eyes turned into a massive black hole. Deep nothingness.

“Yes, I should probably leave.” Without saying another word, she walked towards the door, but she didn’t feel pain, instead, freedom. She’d been in agony for weeks and all she wanted to was leave, and now she’s one step closer to being free, but he grabbed her, she was carried back in.

“What the hell are you doing?! I wanna go! Don’t touch me!” She was dragged to his parents’ room just across the hall, there’s nothing she could think of but the door, the door that she almost opened.

He didn’t say a word. She laid her on the bed, but she’s struggling to get out of his firm grasps, he went on top of her and she’s getting weaker, he’s too strong and heavy and aggressive to stop. He unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped it, and took it off. She’s still restraining him but he’s not listening, instead, he turned her and she was lying on her stomach with her hands under her, and all his weight was on her and she can’t breathe.

She counted, all those years of taking care of it, it was all gone in a snap.

She bit her lip and eyes closed. Painful. Like a thousands of needles pricking. It’s something that she can’t take back anymore, she will never have it again. Never. It was the deepest wound she got.

Her soul awakened. Now struggling.


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