Update! Update!

Good morning! Many days have passed since I last visited my wonderland and I must admit I am quite behind schedule now (from my content calendar). Last Thursday our internet connection has become incompetent LOL! 😀  so, no facebook, wordpress, nor twitter for me. If you’re going to ask, how about phone? Well, my phone is broken so yes, I had quite a long time off with my blog.

I’m currently on training for my new job and I must say it was great fun, I met and mingled with new people, however there were still barriers because we don’t know each other yet but so far, we are all getting along so well. The training is fun and informative, it’s new to me so I am really excited, and my colleagues are so fun to be with, they are all amazing, like there was no dull moment, ever! During our training.

I am supposed to be sleeping now, but I decided not to, not yet 🙂 I meandered around youtube earlier and played my favorite glee songs, I miss glee and it made me sad that it’s over now. Anyways, I have so many things to write about this week, as I have them all planned out, and I promise to keep up with my blog calendar or with the topics. So yes, I guess I’ll just keep you all posted, and I hope you will have a great day.

But before I hit the sack, I’ll leave you all with this quote I made and I really love, and hits me whenever I write it, because it reminds me of someone.

If words form stars, your mouth is a galaxy. – Ann

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