The Peach Keeper (Review)

Source: Goodreads

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen was like what my mamma makes, a beautiful, succulent, and tremendously sweet pie, utterly made to perfection that just invites you to slice into it and devour a piece.

Sarah took me to the town Walls of Waters, where the prominent and once the town’s grandest home Blue Ridge Madam, built by Willa Jackson’s great-great-grandfather. Who became a great deal in the town and made a name, but the grandest home behind of all the success, has become a shrine of scandal, misfortunes, and secrets hidden within.

Willa Jackson lived her entire life wishing that she could meander inside the Blue Ridge Madam where her family has lived, but Willa didn’t dare to enter its threshold until he met the guy who has been renovating and restoring the beauty of the Madam and showed her more.

Paxton Osgood, a socialite and daughter  of the prominent Osgood family was the one behind the renovation and restoration of the Blue Ridge Madam, and planned to open it as a top-flight inn in the Walls of Waters. But beneath the ground of the lone peach tree found a buried skeleton of man who once worked his dark charms way seventy-five years ago.

Paxton and Willa united at once with the improbable friendship, together they will unbind the secrets, heart-rending betrayals, and mystery that have bound their families, together they will unveil the truth, as the uncanny occurrences scatter around town. Paxton and Willa discovered friendship and love.

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