You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me.

There have been a lot of horrendous circumstances occurred these past few days.

There were tears, heartache, worries, and melancholy, because of  an almost “break-up” It felt like we’re gonna lose it, and I was on the verge of accepting what’s happening, but stuck with the “This can’t be happening” and “I can’t let it happened”. It felt truly dreadful, because I can’t lose yet another investment. I’ve invested everything for him, for us, and I can’t watch them all gone to waste. Fortunately, it didn’t. I still have my beau.

Also, on that same day that we’re having a row, occurred another unbecomingly horrific juncture. Well, I sort of anticipated that it would certainly happen because this petty of a girl, already threatened me. So that day, there were bruises, and scars, and anger filled me. She’s beyond unreasonable, but what can I do? What can we do? I was physically assaulted, injured, but still, we opted to remain composed and let her be, we just let it passed. For now, because if she’ll make the same scene, the second time, there’s no way we’re gonna let it pass.

If she did that out of bitterness, I must say she’s a lunatic. She’s the one who did something to me in the first place, uttered a lot of things against me, I know, because I was able to see her messages in my boyfriend’s account, as much as I want to rebut, I didn’t, to prevent altercation. But that night, when we had confrontation in Facebook messages, I was unable to control myself, control my anger, so I answered back to all her messages, and so she threatened me. I don’t really get it, and until now, I can’t help but to ask why? And just shake my head in reprove.

I may have forgiven these two from what they did to me, but still what they did is unforgettable, besides it’s just a month ago, even if I don’t really dwell on it, what happened is just too painful.

I’m doing my best to forget it though, and move on.

So, moving forward, another crappy thing this week was that a lump grew on my eyelid and hindered me from going to work for two days, which put me in a very crucial situation. Though, I’m doing everything to cope up and redeem myself from being gone for days.

Oh, when will things get straight? And go according to plan?

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