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Smitten Monday

Can we just go back? Like to the waiting-for-me-to-arrive-from-work-and-eat-subway-sandwiches kind of time?

The love maybe was not that ardent, nor deep yet but it was one of the great times. I became totally nostalgic when his brother tapped me one night and said good-bye for work, before, when it’s time for his brother to go, it means that I either just arrived from work and we’re ready to own the night. There were so many stories and moments shared. Late night conversations are not underrated, always cherished. We laid there in the dimness of the dawn, in the silence and it would be just our voices, murmurs and laughter you’ll only hear. Then little by little, there will be bare bodies, exchanging heat, entwined, and the loving stares, the way I talk about it right now makes me think of the grown-up women’s favorite precious heart’s romance kind of book.

As the months passed, things started to change, circumstances showed up right before our eyes and more exciting, blithesome experiences were shared. Inevitably, everything will surely change, I am not being cynical about it and think that all good things are just in the beginning, everything fades, every thing and not just people come and go. One day you still have it, and at a drop of a hat it’s gone, it’ll vanish just like that and you’ll see that despite of the loss, something better will appear.

Things have changed between us right now, we learned and discovered things together, we learn to like and hate some things about us. Like he hates it when he sees me biting my nails, or when my things are cluttered, he hates it when I “unknowingly” left a watermark on the table (He’s a stickler for cleanliness) and I hate it when he’s like that LOL, I hate it when he rearranges things in my face, which I just fixed, I hate it when I place the bottle of shampoo and he has to rearrange it because the label has to be faced forward. Don’t get me wrong, I too is an organized person but not like that LOL and that’s what I hate and love about him. We are putting up with each other’s annoying arses, we fight, we make up, love each other and then hate again, we cuddle all night like one of us is going away for years and suddenly get tired of each other again. The midnight talks are starting to flicker out of our routine but changed with doing our own thing, rather with little conversations until I grow tired and he’ll hold me in his arms and sleep.

We still do things together, that hadn’t change so far but surely it will since we’ll be very busy with our own schedules. I once encounter some articles on why you should never move in with your partner at the early stage of the relationship, and I was like “What a load of bull!” Forgive me but yes, this is what I think. I’m pretty much open with this sort of articles but I agree to disagree lol I don’t rely on this type of readings, but sometimes it fascinates me I just don’t live it.

We learn from what we have. We realize things and learn from it.

Right now, I’m sitting here in the dining room with my fingers flying through the keys while he’s inside the bedroom, minding his own, playing his games, and check up on me from time to time. If I’m still breathing.

You’d think that we’re just like this, living a mundane life but I must say our lives are not mundane at all, it’s pretty complicated and exciting altogether. We still deal with our antagonists and people who are involved in making our lives far more complicated, but we have each other, keeping the story alive chapter after chapter. We just acknowledge the situation.

I am no expert at anything, especially with love advises but as what they say “People teach what they have to learn.” This is no relationship guide.

Let your love story flow and cherish everything while it lasts, appreciate small things and never compare one from another. Love what you have.

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