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Lost and Found

Here I am again, dealing with a new blank page, Oh! And by the way, Happy New Year! I must say I just had the best New Year’s Eve of my life and 2016, I realized has been really colorful and challenging for me, as there were lots of turning points, especially for the last… Continue reading Lost and Found

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Memories Deep Deep Down

In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt: Your Days are Numbered At such a young age, my life was tied earlier than I expected, not because I got a child now, no, it was years ago when it all started. My teen years were filled with music, fun, competitions, and to be candour enough,… Continue reading Memories Deep Deep Down

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Perfect…. errr… No.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect? If there’s something I would like to have as a gift, that is to be able to paint or draw, all the capacity to flick my wrist and fingers to sashay the smooth paintbrush on an empty canvass. A pencil even. When I was young I… Continue reading Perfect…. errr… No.

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Daily Post: Undo

I may sound old fashioned but if there’s something I wanted to be un-invented, that would be Ipads and tablets. Why? Because of the youth today. I am a 90’s child and life before is so simple and easy, but it’s always fun. And there’s no violence involved. I remember going out of the house,… Continue reading Daily Post: Undo

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Saved the Giddy Goat

Daily Prompt: Daring Do Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail? Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOLD. I don’t have to think about this, because this one’s something I won’t forget. The bruise is gone but not the reason why… Continue reading Saved the Giddy Goat

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Probabilities for a change

I was so nervous early this afternoon because I haven’t went home for a couple of days, I stayed at my man’s place, and then this afternoon my mom called, I thought she’s going to mad, and going to rip my ears with her nagging, sometimes, I exaggerate things when I think my mom is… Continue reading Probabilities for a change

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A Good listener is named ‘Paper’

Calibri what? I never tried writing before, I don’t even keep diaries, for me writing is a bore and I don’t tend to try, but now. So I’m trying to choose a font, I tried courier new, times new roman, Vivaldi, but I settled in with Calibri (light) I don’t why there’s another one Calibri,… Continue reading A Good listener is named ‘Paper’