In response to the daily prompt; Struggle She thought that he was, by far, the most decent man she ever had. Everything is amazing and flawless at the beginning, that everyday in your life you would just thank God how lucky you are to have your partner. Beautiful days, amazing dates, and exciting new things.… Continue reading Struggle

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Keeping Up

My mind had been in a constant battle lately, going through a lot of confusion and dilemmas which led me to always overthink, whether it be about my job, blog, and with my writing. I am scared sometimes, thinking about my writing, that I might lose my love for writing, that I might get tired… Continue reading Keeping Up



One day, I see you and my heart knows, that I’m going to love you. Indefinitely. But fate didn’t let it happen, instead, took you to another universe. Years passed, I stopped hoping. I see you again, one day. Everything froze, with the touch of your lips. And took me back to the beginning. To… Continue reading Always

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Memories Deep Deep Down

In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt: Your Days are Numbered At such a young age, my life was tied earlier than I expected, not because I got a child now, no, it was years ago when it all started. My teen years were filled with music, fun, competitions, and to be candour enough,… Continue reading Memories Deep Deep Down


Touch of Motivation

It’s really hard to write consistently every day, honestly. Almost every day I keep telling myself to write something or an idea or a story line that will suddenly prick my mind, and I’d tell myself to write but at the end of the day I’ll find myself saying “I’ll do it tomorrow, swear” and… Continue reading Touch of Motivation


A Name Not Given

His name is Jonathan, but he liked to be called as Gwen. When I was a kid, we frequently visit our aunt’s house because their house was located at the street beside ours. Sometimes my mom leaves us there to play when she needs to do some errands or just let us stay there with… Continue reading A Name Not Given



I haven’t got anything for lunch.  I’ve been listening to Regina Spektor all day, I supposed I love her now. She’s so comforting. I don’t even feel famished. I loved you first. I loved you first. These words keep sinking in my mind. And now they’re throbbing my head. I need some water. I loved… Continue reading Home